Saturday, March 14, 2009

Passing the Torch: The Next Generation of APA Leaders

Asian and Pacific Americans in Higher Education (APAHE) is having their annual conference in San Francisco. APAHE has for 20 years been the leading national organization addressing issues such as student admissions, faculty tenure, underrepresentation in hiring and promotion, affirmative action and Asian American Studies. The head of APAHE is Laney's president, Dr. Frank Chong.

When and where is the conference?
Wed, March 25- Fri, March 27, 2009 in San Francisco at Hotel Kabuki (Japan Town District)

**Note: There are full conference and one day conference only, which means you can attend Thursday or Friday or attend both days(full conference).

What is the conference about?
Workshops and panels for student leaders, staff seeking career advancement, admissions issues, demographic data in higher education, and much more... All on Asians and Pacific Islanders!

Who can attend the conference?
Anyone =D

Conference Registration
On-line registration is available through the LEAP website at:

Further more information, please visit:

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